We do not have approval for road closures so we have to keep our route inside the parks and MGT. This route, although subject to change, shouldn’t differ too much at this point.

15k (single loop) 
Runners start from Ashbridges Bay and travel east to Leslie, south to Unwin along the new MGT path west to the western park entrance path. From there runners travel to the Lighthouse at the south end of the park and return to the start via the way they came.

Double Loop of the 15k route

5k Route – follows Lakeshore and Leslie, turning around at the 5k mark on Unwin.  There will be a water station near the turn around.

Plenty of Signage, and Marshals will be on hand to guide you!
The course is basically a double loop of portions of the route shown here with one or two slight differences to make it a perfect 30k.